Super Colour Deluxe

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Age: 18m+

  • Brighten up playtime with the Super Colour Deluxe mat from Aquadoodle for hours of mess-free neon drawing fun.
  • Fill the Aquadoodle pen with water, run the nib over the mat and see your drawings appear in vivid neon colours!
  • Once the water has dried, drawings fade away, ready to start all over again! No mess, no ink, no stains!
  • Includes 1 Aquapen, 3 stampers, a special paintbrush for larger strokes and a no-spill water container.
  • Suitable for ages 18 months and over.

Add extra zing to classic Aquadoodle drawing fun with new neon colours that have never been seen before!

Colouring couldn’t be brighter or cleaner! Simply fill each of the two Aquadoodle pens with ordinary tap water, run the nib over the magic mat and see the neon colour appear!

Any water that does run off the mat, runs clear. No mess, no stains, nothing to worry about. As your drawings dry, designs fade away, ready for the mat to be used again, over and over again. When you need to, just refill the Aquadoodle pens with water and go again!

Included in the set is a special paintbrush that lets you make broader neon strokes, as well as three fun stampers so you can dot the mat with animal shapes. The fun designs around the edge pick up the neon theme, brimming with ideas to copy and inspiration to create designs of your own.

When you’ve finished, the 75 x 95 cm mat folds up for easy storage. And for fun on the go, there’s even a no-spill water container you can top up before you leave home so you can enjoy Aquadoodle neon fun on-the-go!

Additional Aquapens sold separately.


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0.309 kg
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14.17 x 2.37 x 11.02 inches
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37.40 x 29.53 x 0.12 inches