Meet the Toomies!

Tala is a playful, caring mummy. She not only looks after her own eight babies, but she will often help out if any of her friends need a hand (she has eight after all!) Tala is happiest when she is in or near the water and has taught many of her friends how to swim so that they can enjoy it safely too.

Tala loves all water sports, but her passion is sailing and she enjoys nothing more than taking her friends and babies out on trips. Out on the water Tala is always very careful to keep everyone safe and with her long arms, she is able to help anyone who is not such a strong swimmer.

Tala uses her arms to create playgrounds for her babies and smaller friends to climb on and slide down, which everybody loves! Watch out for Tala's arms sneaking up behind you for a good tickling and be careful if you splash her, as she can splash you back from eight different directions! While Tala has a good sense of fun and loves to play, she always makes sure everyone is safe and happy. A lot of her friends see her as the mummy of the group and go to her for help and advice, and love to be cuddled by her big, long arms.

When they're not out sailing, Tala loves to keep her babies and friends entertained by juggling and doing ball tricks. Her long arms and quick reactions mean that she can throw over 40 balls at once! Tala's babies look up to their mummy and want to be just like her, so she is teaching them to throw and catch too, but just one ball at a time!



Rudi is a musical genius, he can play almost any instrument he puts his trunk to. By day he plays in a one man band and by night he DJs all the best parties. Rudi is also an excellent music teacher and enjoys encouraging his friends to have a go at playing an instrument too.

When his busy schedule allows, Rudi loves to travel, especially to places with lots of different wildlife. Rudi also uses his trips abroad to discover new types of music from different cultures around the world and tries to use these in his songs when he comes home.

Peryn has two passions in life: making ice cream and singing. He loves to please his friends by creating delicious frozen treats for them at the Foam Cone Factory; he also dreams of being a world famous pop star. Peryn's greatest inspiration is his friend Rudi, but unfortunately, unlike Rudi, Peryn has no musical talent and his singing is... well, not something you'd pay to hear in concert! Rudi is kept very busy with his music career, so Peryn sells ice creams at all of Rudi’s concerts and parties so he can spend more time with his friend and pick up tips on how to be a successful musician.

After a long day at work, there's nothing Peryn likes more than to have a long soak in the bath and daydream about singing to a stadium full of adoring fans.

Meet the Toomies

Meet the Toomies

Sora is fascinated by the world around her and cannot wait to discover everything there is to know about everything. Her curious and inquisitive nature means she cannot sit still for five minutes, even when being pushed in her buggy by her mummy. If there's something new to look or peck at Sora will find it. Sora loves spending time with Rudi and hearing about his travels to exciting places around the world. Sora would love to go travelling too, but is a bit too small at the moment. For now she is quite content exploring her own surroundings at home and learning from Rudi or his books.

Sora likes meeting new people and playing with her friends, but is just as happy off exploring on her own and will easily get distracted if she sees something new or exciting. Sora loves to go on picnics and outings with her mummy or friends as it gives her a chance to investigate new places. Sora never means to be naughty, but sometimes her curiosity will get her into trouble or dangerous situations. Her mummy is always nearby to help if Sora needs her, but she loves to encourage Sora to learn and find things out for herself. At the end of a day of exploring Sora loves to curl up with her mummy for a cuddle and a bedtime story and to chat about all the exciting things they have seen that day.

Yuri is the coolest guy you'll ever meet! With his whacky sense of style and bubbly personality, Yuri is everyone's friend. Yuri always knows what sort of hairstyle will suit his clients, even if they don't know themselves, and he always manages to make everyone look and feel happy and confident.

While Yuri works on his clients' hair, he will sing or whistle happy little songs. Sometimes these are tunes that he has made up on the spot, and sometimes they are part of a project he is working on with Rudi. Yuri's singing makes his salon a popular place to hang out even if you don't need a hair cut!

In his spare time Yuri likes to keep fit by swimming. He especially likes to swim with Tala because she works very hard and swims very fast. They will sometimes have races, which everyone else loves to watch whilst eating delicious ice creams from Peryn’s Foam Cone Factory.


Hands on fun!

Toomies love to have fun! It’s at the heart of everything we do. We’re full of features and little surprises that will delight both you and your child.

We’ve also been built to last, that’s what 90 years of excellence does for you! And call us quirky, but we’re very serious about not taking playtime too seriously. Because we understand that memories are formed when laughter is shared.

Hands on Fun!