ANIA Dolphin

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Age: 3y+

This ANIA dolphin makes you want to jump in the ocean and swim right along. With her articulated tail, mouth, detailed coloring and blowhole, she looks lifelike and ready to play.Experience the entire ANIA collection and discover animals from around the globe to explore the arctic, ocean, forest, grasslands and prehistoric ages.

Create adventures in motion with ANIA and experience animal play in a whole new way. Suitable for ages 3 year and up. Produced by TOMY.

Where do dolphins live: Bottlenose dolphins can be found in warm and tropical waters. They are frequently seen within 20 miles of shore in harbors, bays, lagoons, around islands and in large rivers. Dolphins are mammals and breathe air into their lungs through their blowhole, which is located on top of their heads.


About Ania

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