ANIA Panda with Baby Pandas

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Age: 3y+

Explore the high mountain ranges and bamboo forests with this happy little panda bear family. The mother and two adorable babies each feature an articulated neck to find their favorite bamboo snacks.

One baby panda is in the sitting position, with the other on all four paws ready to pounce and play with their sibling. Each figure is very detailed; from the black and white signature panda markings to their textured fur-like bodies.

Experience the entire ANIA collection and discover animals from around the globe to explore the arctic, ocean, forest, grasslands and prehistoric ages.

Create adventures in motion with ANIA and experience animal play in a whole new way. Suitable for ages 3 years and up. Produced by TOMY.

Where do pandas live: Giant pandas live in mountain ranges with dense, old-growth bamboo forests located in central China. The panda prefers a cool, damp, isolated habitat and may climb to altitudes of 11,000 feet to find it.


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