ANIA Velociraptor

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Age: 3y+

Take a trip back in time with the ANIA Velociraptor featuring five points of articulation. With two points in his long tail, both legs and his mouth, you can experience the speed and hunting abilities of this amazing prehistoric creature. His detailed claws, teeth and yellow eyes make you feel like the real thing is right there with you.

Experience the entire ANIA collection and discover animals from around the globe to explore the arctic, ocean, forest, grasslands and prehistoric ages.

Create adventures in motion with ANIA and experience animal play in a whole new way. Suitable for ages 3 year and up. Produced by TOMY.

When did the Velociraptors exist: Velociraptors lived during the late Cretaceous period, about 80 - 85 million years ago. This was 15 million years before the dinosaurs became extinct. Adult Velociraptors grew up to 6.8 feet (2 meters) long, 1.6 feet (0.5 meter) tall at the hip and weighed up to 33 lbs. (15 kilograms).


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