Articulate Fame

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Age: 12y+

  • 3 stage play – teams take turns to pull famous names from the bag and describe them.
  • 1st stage – use as many words as you want and keep taking turns until you have guessed five famous folk per player.
  • Now everyone has heard all the names that were guessed.
  • 2nd stage – put only those guessed names into the bag then take turns again, but describing using just two words per name, until all the names have been guessed.
  • 3rd stage – return all the guessed names to the bag and play the final round using only one word per name to describe them.
  • Brilliant fun using the Articulate style in a classic setting.

Articulate FAME is the brilliant game of diminishing descriptions. Two teams describe the famous folk in three rounds. In the first round players freely describe as many people as possible. Only those cards guessed go back in the bag. Now everyone knows the names in the bag, round two uses just TWO description words and round three JUST ONE WORD. Exciting, quick and hilarious to play, Articulate FAME is the perfect 20 minute flash of fun.

140 x Fame Cards, 1 x Cotton Bag, 1 x Pencil, 1 x Score Pad, 1 rules.


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