The Best of Food (LOGO)

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Age: 16y+

  • It’s all about food; fast food, home cooked food, eating out, manners, ingredients.
  • And odd ones like food called after cities or places, or famous food named after people.
  • You can’t imagine the weird and wonderful stuff we all know that’s hiding in your memory.
  • Based on the simple, classic LOGO game play which makes the whole experience a delight for all.

Best of FOOD is a LOGO family game for everyone who eats. Teams answer the LOGO style questions from; Picture, Theme and Pot Luck cards. From fast-food and eating out to knives, forks and interesting ingredients it’s all about what we eat.

55 x Question Cards, 1 x Christmas Tree Playing Board, 1 Rules.


Have a not-so-quiet night in!

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