Best of Sport

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Age: 12y+

  • • Latest member of the LOGO family where the questions are all about sport – everything from Football to Fishing, Badminton to Basketball, Walking to Weightlifting
  • • Best of Sport & Leisure question cards are divided into the famous LOGO favourites: Picture cards, Theme cards and Potluck cards
  • • Best of Sport & Leisure, like all LOGO family games, taps into a reservoir of knowledge that we all share – whether we know it or not!
  • • Best of Sport & Leisure is the ultimate family game as it is about SPORT, the game about the things you know about the sports you follow
  • • 2 teams, Age 12yrs +

Best of Sport and Leisure is the latest member of the ever popular Logo family. Full of your favourite Theme, Picture and Pot luck question cards, its everything from Football to Fishing, Badminton to Basketball, Walking to Weightlifting. It’s not about who won some random race in 1922 or who scored the winning goal in the 1966 World Cup Final ... in the true Logo style it’s all those things you pick up without even knowing it: “The name of which planet is also the name of a Wimbledon Tennis champion?” “Which ex-England footballer has the name of a borough of New York City tattooed across his lower back” or, just like this game will be doing across the UK, “what three words follow: it’s coming home, it’s coming home it’s coming ...” So go on get ready, give it your best shot and play Best of Sport and Leisure


Have a not-so-quiet night in!

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