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Age: 12y+

  • • Bring everyone together with this all-or-nothing team board game
  • • Teams predict their score based on one of four different challenges, and move that number of places if they meet the challenge; if they don’t they score nothing!
  • • A unique bonus dice that can land on its faces OR its corners and adds spice to every throw
  • • CoOperate is ideal for parties and families with teenagers
  • • For 4 to 12+ players, for age 12yrs +

The Articulate team has knocked it out of the park again. CoOperate is an all-or-nothing team game in which you must predict - in 30 brief seconds – how many words your team will shout out that meet the CoOperate card Challenge.
A soon as you have predicted your score turn the timer again and you’re off for another 30 seconds to actually shout out the predicted number of words – BUT if you don’t reach that number YOU SCORE NOTHING.
There are four kinds of challenge:
LIST PLAY – Your team calls out ‘Things’ that meet the Challenge on the card like Capital Cities or Girls’ names,
DESCRIBE PLAY – Team members describe ‘Things’ from the category on the card like FRUITS or SPORTS.
WORD PLAY – Team members come up with words that meet the card challenge for example “Words beginning with F and ending in T”
LINK PLAY – Team members call out words that are linked to the last player’s word, for example “An object that is taller than the previous player’s object . With this challenge you would start with something really small – like a pea!


Have a not-so-quiet night in!

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