Jixelz 3,000-Piece Creator Set

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These 3,000 precision-cut micro jigsaw pieces in 15 different colors open young minds up to truly endless design-and-build possibilities. Start with the included book of 40 fun, funny, and fascinating design templates featuring characters, creatures, and more. Then, try drawing your own designs with the pre-jixelated graph paper - Just color in the squares and then combine the Jixelz to match your design!
  • BECOME A PIXEL ART PRO! A clever twist on classic puzzle fun, packed with endless possibilities!
  • 3,000 MICRO JIGSAW PIECES in 15 colors; 40 design templates; Graph paper for making custom templates
  • PERFECT FOR AGES 6 YEARS AND UP; High-quality plastic; pieces hold together, no ironing needed!
  • CHALLENGES FINE MOTOR SKILLS, spatial reasoning, planning; encourages creativity, critical thinking
  • INFINITE DESIGN POSSIBILITIES; Fully compatible with other Jixelz sets; Frustration-free packaging If you can imagine it, you can make it