Grab & Hide Ball

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Age: 6m+

  • ENCOURAGE EXPLORATION: Soft fabric ball features a variety of sounds, textures and bright colours to engage and stimulate baby’s development through play
  • HIDE AND SEEK: Help promote fine motor skills and teach cause and effect with the elephant and lion; pull on one and the other will hide inside the ball!
  • GRAB AND GO: This colourful toy chimes when it’s rolled, encouraging grabbing and pushing in earlier stages and then crawling as baby grows
  • LEARN WITH LAMAZE APP: The Lamaze Play app guides parents on ways to use our toys to engage baby's senses and support development, based on trusted information backed by experts and science

The Lamaze Grab & Hide Ball™ is a floor toy featuring a variety of sounds, textures, and bright colours that engage and stimulate your baby’s attention through play. Each section of this colourful ball features a fun sound or texture for baby to explore.

The easy-to-grip sections allow baby to hold, roll and push the ball which helps enhance baby’s gross motor skills. The tethered elephant and lion are great for playing hide and seek. Pull on one and the other will hide inside the ball. This action encourages early cause and effect learning and also helps develop fine motor skills.

Later on, the rolling ball’s chiming sounds encourage a growing baby to crawl after it. The Lamaze Grab & Hide Ball is designed for parent and baby to play with together beginning at six months and then for later independent play as baby grows.