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LOGO Best of TV Mini Game
Age: 12y+

  • THE LOGO MINI BEST OF TV: Just as fun as the original LOGO travel game, only this time it's about your favourite TV shows and movies This mini game is a 'taster' version of the larger Logo Best of TV game - perfect while travelling or on holiday;
  • LOGO GAME WITH A FEW EXTRA RULES: In line with the theme of the game, you can now use the pause, fast forward and mute cards to spice up the game play;
  • ENDLESS HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT: This game includes a mini playing board, 2 cone-shaped playing pieces and has enough question cards for up to 6 games;
  • EASY GAME FOR ALL FAMILY: Easy to learn and fun to play for nearly all ages. The Best of TV and Movies is part of the Logo family, games that you'll return to again and again;
  • AGE SUITABILITY & NUMBER OF PLAYERS: This fun board game has been designed for 2-6 players and is suitable for adults and kids from 12 years of age.

The Best of TV and Movies mini game - the hugely entertaining picture card, question game based on TV and movies. With pause, fast forward and mute cards to spice up the game play. Fun questions, not dull trivia, is the name of the game. For 2-6 players, can be played in teams. For age 12+ years.


Have a not-so-quiet night in!

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