Mask 'n Ask

Item #:
Age: 6y+

  • Contents: 30 double-sided masks, 1 double-sided playing board, 4 Mask 'n' Ask glasses, 48 Yes/No tokens and 1 spinner.
  • 2 or more players.
  • For ages 6 years and over.

The hilarious game of 'Guess Who I am'. Everyone must guess their mask character by using the questions on the board. Includes 60 funny animals and people. The game of Masquerades - guess your character on the mask you are wearing.

With 30 double-sided masks - animals and human characters to guess. Playing board has questions for the children to ask, enabling them to discover their character.

Designed to be quick to learn and really fun to play. For 2-4 players.


Have a not-so-quiet night in!

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