Peppa's Activity House

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  • Welcome to Peppa’s house: Discover all kinds of surprises around Peppa’s house with this multi-functional activity centre.
  • Anyone at home? Play hide and seek with windows that spin around to reveal all your favourite Peppa Pig characters.
  • Try it for size: There’s a shape sorting game with Peppa Pig, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig. Each piece is textured and colour-coded to help little ones complete the puzzle.
  • It’s elastic! There are wacky walls and roof panels made of rubber bands – stretch them every which way to get everyone in and out – to enjoy frustration-free shape-posting play.
  • Discovery: With bright colours and chunky shapes made for little hands, children will love exploring and experimenting as they develop their fine motor skills.
  • For boys and girls: Suitable from 18 months. No batteries required.

All the fun is happening round at Peppa Pig’s house! Now you can discover just what lies behind those familiar walls, with all kinds of fun and surprises waiting around every corner. Fans of the show will know they’ve come to the right place, but what will they find behind each of the four windows? Give them a spin and see just who is hiding inside. Around the back of the house is a shape sorting game. The colours will provide a hint, so match these and you’ll soon be putting Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig in their place, along with Peppa and little brother George. The chunky pieces are ideal for little hands, they come with a textured finish and stack easily to form a family pile. Around the sides and up on the roof, you’ll discover walls made with an elasticated web! Stretch the rubber bands to stash or retrieve any pieces. With its bright colours and innovative play, Peppa’s Activity House will promote sensory development, spatial awareness, and help develop your child’s fine motor skills. The toy packs away neatly and is ideal for role playing games and storytelling. Just remember the house rules: “No muddy puddle feet inside please!” Suitable from 18 months. No batteries required.


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