Peppa's House Bath Playset

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  • At home in the tub: Peppa’s House Bath Playset is awash with bright ideas, with its own bath and working shower upstairs and a spinning washing machine downstairs.
  • Waterfall fun: Each square window conceals a different water pourer with a unique profile for shape-sorting fun – one hides a triangle, the other a circle.
  • Pop Pegga Pig in the bath: Using a window pourer, pour water into the roof and see the shower come to life and fill the tub! Slide the switch to send the flow down the pipe and set the washing machine spinning!
  • IMPORTANT: Apply to a DRY surface, side of the bath or smooth tiles, before filling the bath or adding water to toy! This way your Peppa house is sure to stay firmly in place!
  • Builds confidence: Perfect for little hands, this bath time toy promotes water confidence, storytelling and fine motor skills as they explore cause and effect.
  • "Collectible: Part of the Peppa Pig toys collection from Toomies, designed to keep pace as your child grows.
  • Suitable from 18 months. No batteries required. "

"Expect loud snorts and lots of laughter, Peppa Pig style, with the House Bath Playset from Toomies. Specially designed to make little ones feel at home in water, all eyes will be fixed on Peppa’s house as they go exploring from floor to floor. This clever activity centre fits easily to tiles or the bath thanks to suction pads at the back. There’s magic behind every window as these pull out to reveal two water pourers. Use them to pour water into the roof and watch the shower come to life! … Pop Peppa Pig in her own tailor-made bathtub and give her a good wash! There’s another surprise on the ground floor where the wall opens up to reveal Peppa’s washing machine. Once Peppa’s bath is full of water, slide the arrow switch over to send that water down the pipe and make the washing machine come to life, sending the drum around and around. Your Peppa Pig figure is soft and squishy, floats on water and doubles as a cheeky squirter. When playtime is over, there’s shape-sorting fun as little ones put the window pourers away into their triangular and circular slots. Part of the Toomies Peppa Pig toys range, the House Bath Playset promotes collaborative role play, refines motor skills and explores cause and effect sequences all while helping little ones gain water confidence.
For best results our toys should be applied to a dry bath side or tiles. Drain after use and leave to air dry. Clean regularly by rinsing thoroughly with anti-bacterial or sterilising solution. No batteries required. Suitable for children 18 months and over.

IMPORTANT: We know suction cup toys can be tricky so we are here to help!
Get Clean: Start with a clear surface, make sure it's smooth & not textured, then clean down the side of the bath or the tiles with any multi-purpose cleaner. Make Sure it’s Dry: Dry off the with a cloth. For best results our toys should be applied to a dry bath side or tiles. Use Some Water: Wet the suction cups with a little water, shake off any excess water but don’t dry them completely.
Give it a Push: Press the unit with the suction cups firmly in place on the bath or tiles. Make sure there are no significant air bubbles. Hold in place for 10 seconds. If the unit slips, try again. Give it Support: While our toys can be secured to the bath tub directly, for best results, we recommend attaching them onto tiles using the bath ledge for support, making sure to avoid the grout. Make Time: For best results we suggest allowing the suction cups to set for at least an hour before playing!


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