Pull Along Peppa

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  • Make walking an adventure: This lively and colourful Peppa Pig pull-along toy encourages crawling then walking.
  • Bring your friends along: Take Peppa Pig, George and his favourite dinosaur with you everywhere you go.
  • Check out those moves: Watch as the wheels turn, making all three characters sway from side to side for a fun wobbling action.
  • Music and sounds: Peppa and George oink and snort as they move to a happy tune, while dinosaur joins in with an occasional ROAR!
  • On your way: Encourages developmental play for babies and toddlers, helping them to build strength and confidence.
  • For boys and girls: Suitable from 18 months. No batteries required.

A gentle tug is all it needs to bring Peppa Pig and her companions to life! This brilliantly simple pull-along toy really comes alive as it starts rolling along: three bendy axles set Peppa, brother George and his favourite dinosaur swaying from side to side. Pull on the string as the wheels turn, you’ll hear a happy tune and funny little snorting sounds from Peppa and George. Adding another surprise is the occasional roar coming from that dinosaur on the back! Whether your little one needs encouragement when starting to crawl and wants to follow Peppa and her friends around the carpet, or your toddler is beginning to walk, these three characters are ready for an adventure. The strong, sturdy cord is just the right length, while bendy links flex between each character to make going round corners easy. Children will love being followed by familiar faces everywhere they go, building confidence as they play and developing their gross motor skills. No batteries required.


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