Ritzy Rollerz Besties Assortment

Item #:

  • Helena Heelz & Penelope Parris, Groovy Gabby & Cheery Cherry, Tori Tada & Sofia Serv, Donut Dani, & Frenchy Braid
  • Includes (2) Ritzy Rollerz +16 ritzy charms
  • Exclusive versions of your favourite characters!
  • Store your extra ritzy charms inside the opening booty trunks
  • Suitable for 4 years and over

Ritzy Rollerz are unique in their own way; from their personalities to their unique ‘adorability’ features like real hair, fur, and shiny chrome! These charming Bestie 2 packs include (2) Ritzy Rollerz friends along with (16) total charms; four of the charms will be a complete surprise (they're hidden in the booty trunks)! The Bestie packs also offer your favourite characters in new looks (decoration) in addition to exclusive charms! Let your personality shine through with Ritzy Rollerz!

Zipping from adventure to adventure, where will your Ritzy Rollerz take you today?

These adorable and collectible toys feature a variety of fashionable finishes for an extra glam look. Each of these cute cars also comes with collectible Ritzy Charms that you can use to bling out their wheels! Pretty themes like flowers, rainbows, sunglasses, lipstick, donuts, (and many more) are perfect for showing off your unique style. Best yet, these posh Ritzy Charms fit on any of the Ritzy Rollerz wheels which makes them great for switching between cars or trading with friends. The Ritzy Charms also store inside the booty trunk of each toy for quick changes while the Ritzy Rollerz are on the go go go!


Get Your Ritzy On!

Ritzy Rollerz are collectible, super adorable characters that love rolling adventures! You can even customize their wheels with Ritzy Charms!