Sea Rescue Set from Toomies

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Age: 12m+

  • Action stations: Bring the fun and excitement of ocean rescue to bath time with this fun-filled bath toy set including a colourful floating helicopter and wind-up rescue dinghy
  • In a spin: Fill the helicopter rotor with water and pull on the rescue bucket’s string to set it spinning and spraying
  • Let it pour: Rescue bucket and dolphin sieve water, helicopter pilot squirts when you squeeze
  • Paddle away: Wind up the rescue dinghy and see the paddling rescue puppy row round and round the bath tub
  • Hours of fun: Designed for little hands to handle, each toy helps develop key motor skills and imaginative role play
  • For boys and girls: Suitable from 12 months – no batteries required

Mayday! Mayday! It’ll be all hands on deck with the Sea Rescue Set from Toomies. This colourful bath toy pairs up a floating action-packed coastguard helicopter with a wind-up rowing dinghy, each unique in its own way. The red helicopter’s rounded, chunky design is easy for little hands to handle and is topped by a spinning blue rotor kids can fill with water. Linked to it by a string is a rescue bucket – a gentle tug will get the rotor spinning and spraying a fine mist of water. It’s magic! There’s room in the rescue bucket for the blue dolphin while up front, the pilot is ready in his diving kit. With a suction cup for feet, he keeps things nice and steady, but can jump out when you need him to and stick to wall tiles and the bath sides. Give him a squeeze underwater and he’ll come up squirting water from his mouth! The dolphin and rescue bucket each pour water in their different way and can be winched up below the helicopter by turning the rotor. Meantime, out on the water, Paddling Rescue Puppy in his life raft dinghy is making waves of his own. Wind up the button underneath and set him in motion in the bath or in any paddling pool. Watch, he really rows with his oars! Cute and loveable, he’ll paddle away, going round and round as he races to the rescue. Every bath time becomes an entertaining adventure as children grow in confidence around water, developing their motor skills and exploring a host of connections that have cause and effect. Join in with story-telling fun and role play games. No batteries required. Suitable for children aged 12 months and over


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