Seaside Splashers

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Age: 12m+

  • Meet the team: These four colourful friends with happy faces are all set to bring fun and giggles to any bath time.
  • Make a splash: Seaside themed toys pour and spray four different ways, building confidence around water.
  • Dunk, dribble and squirt: shower water in straight lines and arcs, spray plumes with the hermit crab or give the yellow squirter a squeeze.
  • They stack, they nest: Pile them up on the side of the tub, or hide one inside the other – perfect for keeping things neat and tidy.
  • For boys and girls: Suitable from 18 months. No batteries required.

When the Toomies Seaside Splashers turn up for bath time, everyone’s in for some topsy-turvy fun. This 4 in 1 set stars four colourful, lovable critters who come from who-knows-where under the sea. There’s a little baby squirter you dunk under water and squeeze about the ears so he comes up, well, squirting! Next up is a pair of green and purple pouring cups that like to mesmerise with straight rods and curving arcs of water – just hold them upside down and watch their display as you bring them up above the surface. Then, largest of the four, is the curious hermit crab: fill him up and turn him upside down to pour some more, or hold him the right way up and plunge down to create a water spout out of his shell. There’s more: you can stack and balance the four toys one on top of the other on the side of the bath, or nest them one inside the other, ideal for storytelling or role play (and packing away when the fun’s over). Anxious little ones will be captivated by these cute and clever water toys, quickly gaining confidence in the tub and developing co-ordination and fine motor skills. No batteries required. Suitable for children aged 18 months and over.


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