Item #:

  • Tries to be sneaky but isn’t
  • Favourite Word: “Ooops!”
  • Scented Plush
  • 3 Unique Fart Noises
  • Reusable Package

Squirmy tries to be sneaky. He likes to try and float quietly through a room, but it’s hard for him because he’s also very clumsy and can’t stop himself from making odd noises. If you hear something strange followed by an “oops!” you’ll probably find Squirmy has joined you.


You've heard them...you've smelled them...but have you ever met a fart? Meet the Stink Bomz! All Stink Bomz contain a collectible fart friend known as a Stink. Each Stink has their own silly smell and makes 3 unique fart noises. But best of all, every Stink has their own fun personality. Even though they're all different, they have one important thing in common - they are ready to get the farty started!