Mini Pop Up Pirate

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Age: 4y+

  • There’ll be high jinks on the high seas and everywhere you go with Mini Pop Up Pirate.
  • Take turns to carefully push the coloured swords into the barrel
  • If the pirate pops up, you're out the game!
  • No one knows when he'll pop up next - it's different every time!
  • For 2 players

You can now take Pop Up Pirate with you everywhere your compass points. This compact mini edition of the classic action game stars Blackbeard and his trusty barrel, but which sword will make him pop, still no one knows!

The game’s as quick and easy to learn as ever, with the same question on every sailor’s lips: who will be left on deck when the pirate has finished popping?

To play, push down and twist the pirate in his barrel, then take turns to push in a sword into one of the slots right around the barrel. If yours makes the pirate pop, you’re overboard and out of this game.

Reset the game by twisting pirate down again. No one knows which sword will make him pop – it’s different every time!

For 2 players. Suitable for players aged 4 years and up.


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0.132 kg
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4.12 x 4.12 x 5.76 inches
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4.13 x 4.13 x 3.85 inches

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