Run-Around Hamster

Item #:
Age: 5y+

  • Will you be the player to help Hammy collect the most food?
  • Take turns sending Hammy into the retreive the food.
  • If Hammy doesn't bring out food, send him back in.
  • If Hammy brings the food peice to you, keep them!
  • Once all the food pieces have been retrieved, the player with the most is the winner!
  • Suitable for 2-4 players and from 5yrs +

Run-Around Hamster is the perfect game for families who love hamsters but don't want the mess. Hammy the Hamster is taking from his house and storing them in your bedroom for safe keeping. Who will help Hammy collect the most food?

2-4 players. Suitable for children aged 5+.