Sing & Squirt

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Age: 18m+

  • Tactile: Little hands will love to grab Rudi the Elephant by his legs, ears or trunk and give him a squeeze.
  • Friendly and fun: Brightly coloured and bouncy, just press the musical note on his tummy to hear lots of surprising sounds.
  • Music and laughter: 6 Sounds to discover in and out of the water. Give him a squeeze to hear him giggle, sneeze, trumpet, play a fanfare, sing a funny song, and shout “Yah-hoo”.
  • Water play: Dunk him in the water, squeeze to fill him up, and then squeeze again to make him squirt as he makes all his favourite sounds.
  • Made of pliable, durable material. 2X AAA Batteries included. Suitable for 18 Months +
  • Toomies. Hands on fun!

Happy, smiley Rudi is a fun-loving elephant who simply adores bath time. This baby jumbo is small enough for little hands to handle – hold him by his feet, reach for his trunk or ears and give his tummy a gentle squeeze. Soft and pliable, he’s 100% waterproof. Dunk him in the tub, squeeze his belly to fill him with water, and then do it again and he’ll squirt right out of his trunk.

Bright-eyed with a smile and a wink in one eye, his tummy carries the clue to much more fun to come. Press or squeeze on the musical note when you’re in or out of the bath to hear one of six random sounds – a giggle, a sneeze, a trump, trump, trump, maybe a fanfare, a silly singing voice or a rousing “Yah-hoo”! Little ones will quickly learn and discover the link between what they do and what happens next. This cause-and-effect learning plays an important part in your child’s development. Suitable for children aged 18 months and over. Includes 2 AAA batteries.

Toomies love to have fun: It’s at the heart of everything we do. We’re full of little surprises that will delight you and your child because we know memories are formed when laughter is shared!

Toomies. Hands on fun!


Hands on fun!

Toomies love to have fun! It’s at the heart of everything we do. We’re full of features and little surprises that will delight both you and your child.

We’ve also been built to last, that’s what 90 years of excellence does for you! And call us quirky, but we’re very serious about not taking playtime too seriously. Because we understand that memories are formed when laughter is shared.

Hands on Fun!