Tuneless Penguin

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Age: 12m+

  • Splash: Make bath time fun and boost your child’s confidence in the water with this playful, singing penguin.
  • Colourful and fun: With his big eyes, colourful coat, yellow beak and flippers, Peryn the Penguin is a Toomies family favourite.
  • Bubble and squeak: Dunk him in the water to make him sing and squawk – push him all the way down and he’ll also sing underwater and blow out bubbles.
  • Simple and reliable: No batteries required – play straight out of the box.
  • Made of durable material. No batteries required. Suitable for 12 Months +
  • Toomies. Hands on fun!

Pair up with Peryn the Penguin for giggles and laughter as he takes to the water to sing his funny tunes – he just wishes he could sing… in tune. That’s why his Toomies friends call him the Tuneless Penguin! You little one will love to help him practise: just dunk him under water and he’ll start to squawk and sing – as he goes down, the notes comes out!

Send him underwater and watch as he blows bubbles out of the top of his head – he can even sing as he does it! Made of material that’s easy to keep hold of, little ones will love his lively colours and soulful eyes. He holds a bright red microphone between his flippers and has all the makings of a star. He loves to bob about and always floats back to the surface. If Peryn goes quiet, simply turn him upside down, empty him out with a good shake to clear his throat and he’ll be ready to sing again.

A friendly, familiar face at bath time, this toy is ideal for building your child’s confidence around water. Suitable for children aged 12 months and over. No batteries required.

Toomies love to have fun: It’s at the heart of everything we do. We’re full of little surprises that will delight you and your child because we know memories are formed when laughter is shared!

Toomies. Hands on fun!


Hands on fun!

Toomies love to have fun! It’s at the heart of everything we do. We’re full of features and little surprises that will delight both you and your child.

We’ve also been built to last, that’s what 90 years of excellence does for you! And call us quirky, but we’re very serious about not taking playtime too seriously. Because we understand that memories are formed when laughter is shared.

Hands on Fun!