Wheelford Rescue Multi Pack

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Age: 3y+

Relive a favourite moment from the Ricky Zoom cartoon! The Wheelford Wheeler was Wheelford's greatest hero! Can you discover their identity and save the day with Ricky & the Bike Buddies? This zoomtastic set includes Ricky Zoom, Mom Helen, and Ricky’s bike buddies: Loop, DJ and Scootio. These toy bikes are ready to rev up imaginative play! Helen comes with a special deluxe 2-piece accessory that helps her zoom to the rescue! There are two cones included to help keep the rescue area clear. This package also includes a special removable scene that kids can use as a fantastic backdrop while they create new adventures with Ricky and his friends. With their expertly designed tires, these bikes have no problem standing steady when stopped, and their front wheels feature articulated movements that let them steer left and right where you point them. With five bikes and four accessories, this multipack is perfect for preschool playtimes.

There are plenty of Ricky Zoom toys from the world of Wheelford to discover, including both action figures and playsets. Each faithfully captures the spirit, energy and fun of the TV Show, Ricky Zoom, and brings it all home to your own little Ricky Zoom fan.